The magic era of advanced technology is coming soon, Google Pixel 2

Prior to time, the realising date and the specs of Google Pixel 2 are already being announced by the rumour mills. News headlines say that it will be having 2560*1440 pixel QHD display along with the Snapdragon 820 CPU. However, people will find the key features like type-c USB, wireless charging capability (today’s hot topic) and an Iris scanner.

The iris pattern that Google Pixel 2 will allow the users to unlock their device by simply looking at it. Moreover, it will let the users to get their hands on more secure payments. With slimmer camera modules and being as the sexiest handset, no doubt the Pixel 2 will withstand right behind the every needs of the snapshots and video recording facilities.

Specs of Google Pixel 2:

  • Unbeatable camera
  • Super large display capacity
  • Enhanced processor
  • Huge RAM
  • Incredible memory capacity
  • Advanced technologies, waterproof and wireless charging
  • Super fast WIFI with 5G network connection

After the invention of Pixel 2, it is cleared that Google is fond of its side-incorporating displays. After successful flagship of Google Pixel, rumours suggest that Pixel 2 could even ditch its traditional screen choice completely and be all about the curve. Despite all these, Google Pixel 2 is expected to be coming with the innovative display tech and a flat screen giving the stunning resolution of 2560*1440 pixels QHD resolution.

It is anticipated that Pixel 2 will employ the Super AMOLED display technology to give the users a better visibility that was never felt before. Believe it or not, Google has made a spectacular advancement in the segment of camera quality. Speculations and news say that Pixel 2 will be coming with the first ever 1.0µm pixel-based 16 megapixels of camera that is remarkable. This means Google Electronics has used ISOCELL technology to squeeze in smaller pixels than those found in the traditional 1.12µm camera. Of which it ensures that people will get more sharper and detailed image. It is especially crafted for low-light shooting conditions. It’s now the time for a good selfie; therefore, Pixel 2 is outstandingly giving a 5 megapixels of front shooter. When the topic comes to the processing unit, then I would like to attract my readers by saying that you will be remain amazed to know that Pixel 2 is using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, the first ever processing chipset that can blow your mind with its processing speed. The 64-bit processor tremendously works on Exynos 7420 and giving the Google fans a better chance to have their hands on high-quality displays. Users will be amazed to see the Pixel 2 with Android v7 that is more of an iterative update than that of a dramatic Android overhaul.

Let’s concluded the article on the price

Based on the features, design, stylus and amazing specifications of Google Pixel 2, the market price is settled at £600 as the minimum price range. However, there are no official announcements are flashed till date. So, stay up to the mark and wait for the big guy to be launched.