List of 5 eCommerce companies in India

Online shopping has now become one of the major assets of the country. Any individual who is busy with the work and doesn’t have time to buy stuff for yourself then online shopping can assist you in this case. If you are unable to go to the town’s best shopping malls and get some trendy, fashionable items, then you can browse around online to grab some trendy items online.

E-commerce is the official phrase for the giant virtual shopping sources. Online shopping has evolved after many innovate website and ideas hit the virtual market. You can browse around many other categories other than just clothing. You can buy latest gadgets which are available in the town which is very far to get one of the gadgets. You can purchase smartphones to accessories which are not even available in the town.

Currently, not every gadget is available in the market which you have seen on the T.v, and you want to get one of those latest gadgets, but it isn’t available in your town then you can ship them from different country to your house. There is a website, which can help you get these unavailable products in your country. Let’s look at the  List of 5 eCommerce companies in India.

 List of 5 eCommerce companies in India

Snapdeal – Focus on Quality.

Not many are expecting to Snapdeal to be on the first in the list of top 5. Let me give few personal reasons why you should choose Snapdeal for your online shopping.

If you look at other shopping websites, Snapdeal has very fewer products than the other main online shopping sites. Have you ever wondered why the Snapdeal doesn’t have much of the products and yet it is successful and made it to the Top 5?

  • The company adds only quality checked products on their websites (Which means you will only buy quality products).
  • Every product has to go through a quality check and many products fail to pass the Snapdeal quality.
  • Prices are less compared to the other major websites.
  • The company has magnificent customer care and better delivery service.

Flipkart eCommerce Customer Care

Flipkart has made to the second on the list because the business has a wide range of products on the website but most of the products are not good enough to be on the site, which means quality is compromised in the Flipkart products below Rs.1000.

My suggestion is that never purchase clothes and 1000 below products on the Flipkart. Coming to the other factors,

  • Flipkart eCommerce Customer Care, the company, has exquisite customer care.
  • Flipkart assured doesn’t cover all products, but it is available on few products.
  • Delivery charges and time is decent.
  • It has replacement warranty on many products (Read the replacement warranty).

Amazon – eCommerce Website

Amazon is one of the best virtual stores in the online shopping market. The company has been spending a lot lately on the advertisements and yes, the company has many features, which makes online shopping easy and secure.

  • The Amazon has decent customer care support.
  • They have a decent replacement policy.
  • The company sells “Prime” products.


I have mentioned that you can buy products from different countries, right? eBay is all about international thing. You can use, and you can select your favorite products which are not available in your country and check if the seller is shipping outside of the country.

Ebay is a popular online auction shopping website, and the eBay has millions of products on the site for sale. The prices might be as little you can get from the other website, but if you are planning to buy a product from a different country, then this is your best choice.

Alibaba – International Ecommerce Site

Alibaba is one of the major websites in the world, and the company has products which are available on the Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, and Ebay. The company has been providing wide-range of products and selected the products carefully and read the description. The replacement policy of the company is average, but it is worth to shop from Alibaba.


Here are the List of 5 eCommerce companies in India. You can use these website to shop online and make your living more comfortable.