Le-Vel Reveals a Game-Changer for the Direct Sales Industry: Cloud Technology

When Paul Gravette and Jason Camper launched Le-Vel back in 2012, they understood that the quality of their premium lifestyle products was one vital element to the success of the company. They also knew that the other key component to building and sustaining their business model was to be able to control overhead costs that can often be backbreaking for an organization, and limiting the company from reaching its growth potential. This is why this unique duo of co-founders, co-owners, and co-CEOs decided to implement a sophisticated cloud platform for its daily operations. That one strategy has paid off brilliantly over the years in the form of cost savings that has helped the company to develop into a global brand.

Cloud Platform Benefits

A cloud management system offers the benefit of allowing businesses to focus their dollars on growing their revenue rather than on infrastructure investment. Cloud technology also allows for flexibility, agility and scalability. Expansion without a proportionate increase in expenses means more bottom line profits that can be reinvested in developing new products, building their customer base and growing their sales force through a generous and aggressive compensation plan.

Additional Cloud Technology Advantages

Another significant benefit of employing cloud technology is that a company is able to minimize its information technology costs and redirect more of their resources towards business-critical issues. Advanced cloud technology is further capable of addressing many different types of issues that traditionally have required direct servicing by expensive in-house IT staff. The Le-Vel Reviews give a good hindsight of the issues managed by Le-Vel’s cloud technology include database management, infrastructure and hardware maintenance, email spam management, customer support, compliance management, and bandwidth management, as well as the network infrastructure, browser compatibility, high availability, and upgrades to the operating system. All of these areas can have a direct impact on a company’s ability to operate efficiently and attain its short and long-term revenue goals.

Le-Vel Products

Le-Vel’s ability to generate significant savings on the back end through the use of the most current cloud technology has helped greatly in leading to the creation of the THRIVE Experience premium product line. This product line quickly gained popularity in North America and continues to grow in demand, as it offers first-rate raw ingredients that are naturally designed to assist people in achieving premium lifestyles through improved health and financial rewards. The company uses only the highest quality products, and feature such essential elements as minerals, amino acids, probiotics, vitamins, plant extracts, and enzymes, to name just a few of the ingredients included in their formulas. Specifically, the THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules help both men and women achieve optimal levels of health, while the Premium Lifestyle Mix provides lean muscle support. The Derma Fusion Technology, or DFT, also helps with appetite management, energy levels, mood support and general vitality. Together, all three of these products form the foundation which makes the THRIVE Experience possible.

The Le-Vel Difference

Thanks to its streamlined operations and minimal overhead costs, Le-Vel is making it possible for millions of people to discover and explore completely new levels of wellness and vitality. Le-Vel takes great pride in being part of a world wide health and fitness revolution that helps people live happier, healthier, and more satisfying lives. The success and the difference that it is making can be well noted in the Le-Vel Reviews.This direct sales company has also created a thrilling opportunity for independent business owners to take advantage of their unique marketing program that is energizing people as much as their products do.

Many customers have learned that by becoming a Brand Promoter and sharing this dynamic and effective health and wellness program with friends and family members who they care about and want to help, they can also build their own independent business that lets them make their own hours and earn financial rewards, auto bonuses, lifestyle getaways and many other perks. All in all, Le-Vel is already making an exciting and positive difference for millions of people (yes, they already have 2.5 million registered customer accounts). Imagine what the future will bring!