Essential things to learn about apple phones with iOS 9

After every update, the settings menu holds a very special place.  There aren’t many upgrades as compared to the Ios8 in this new and up-to-date version of Ios9 but make sure that you make all the tweaks in the settings tab when you upgrade. There is an addition of search box in the Ios9 upgrade which helps us to pinpoint to any new tweaks in the newer version. It is very convenient for the user. Here are some of the new features in the new update.


Relocation of the SIM PIN Code

The SIM Pin Code used to be in the phone settings before but now it has been placed in the cellular section. It allows you to lock your SIM in unfavorable situations such as in the case of theft. This will permit any stranger from using your SIM. The SIM PIN code is mostly 111 or 1234 and is preset. Be careful! If you enter the wrong code thrice, then you’ll be in a bit of a hassle. Your SIM will be locked, and you will have to buy a new one.

Additions in the Accessibility and the General Tab

There are not a lot of differences in the notification’s area. However, the sort order has significantly improved. Now the most recent notification appears on top, and this can be very helpful to the user. There is another feature which has been included. It gives you a choice to send notifications of a single app together. This can be found under the ‘Group by App’ tab. Some changes have been made in the general tab. In the Ios8 version, you could choose between the gender of Siri, male or female. You also had to change the language of Siri if you were trying to change the accent. However in this updated version you can choose the accent of Siri without changing the language, i.e., Siri can be speaking US English with a British accent. You can also select the gender of Siri while keeping the above configurations. That’s what the world news headlines are all about.

This is an all-new feature in the Ios9, and it helps you to control the time in which you can register a tap and hold and how many times do you have to tap the screen to register a single touch. You can meddle with these controls if you’re having some problem to reach the desired configuration.

In the accessibility tab, you finally have the choice to disable the shake to undo feature. You can also disable the vibration feature according to your preferences. Restrictions tab was made to permit the use of certain apps to particular audiences. For example, if you were giving your phone to a kid and did not want him to fiddle with something then you could restrict the usage of that app. There are some additions in this tab such as the news app and music connects.

Other Tweaks

Other latest tweaks are in the battery section. You have now the option to enable low power mode. It automatically activates when the battery falls below 20 percent. There is also a clock added to the Ios9 which shows you how much time an app has been running and how much battery has it assimilated. According to recent headlines, you will be surprised to know that you have been running certain apps in the background which you had no need for. In the end, I think this is a pretty sweet feature. iOS9 has another feature which is known as HomeKit. It allows remote devices to access your device and add themselves to your home network and also allow other iCloud owners to come and access these devices but with all the security checks assigned. You can also sketch notes now with the help of the tip of your fingers which is an amazing feature. There are a lot of selections which can be made to help you do this task effectively. You can also see the routes of all public transports in the maps sections now. Every route of your trip whether it is in ferries, taxis or any other kinds of transportation is accurately laid out In terms of time and direction. This allows the world to be an easier place to discover.


These are some of the essential features and tweaks every iOs9 user should know about to make the Apple iPhone more convenient for him. These latest tweaks in such a tech make latest technology news because this kind of innovation is the reason for their survival.