How Technology Made Easy Booking Tickets Online for Music Concerts?

October 26, 2016

We live in a world where technology is developed widely and used in almost every corner of our daily life. Technology has developed beyond the expectations of humans and we are heavily dependent on technology to accomplish our daily tasks. Technology denotes the set of devices that smooth the progress of using, generating, handling and exchanging information. The significance of technology in our everyday lives is patent and it serves…


List of 5 eCommerce companies in India

September 13, 2016

Online shopping has now become one of the major assets of the country. Any individual who is busy with the work and doesn’t have time to buy stuff for yourself then online shopping can assist you in this case. If you are unable to go to the town’s best shopping malls and get some trendy, fashionable items, then you can browse around online to grab some trendy items online. E-commerce is the official…


EMF Protection against EMF Radiation

March 15, 2016

Introduction: Some hundred years ago no one would have even thought that by the end of the 20thcentury we will be living in a world surrounded by electronic items. All these electronic items release harmful electromagnetic force radiation, and we are virtually bathing with EMF radiating waves. Now, whether or not these rays are harmful or not the research is inconclusive but whatever research has been done, it suggests that…


Top Tips On Utilizing Social Media Marketing

March 14, 2016

From large corporations to small independent businesses and even artists of every genre have applied social media marketing to their benefit. The possibilities are endless and so is the opportunity for exposure. While there are options to pay for additional advertisement spots, one can still share their content with the world for free. Over the past couple of years, three major outlets have taken over the world of social media….


Charge and Stay Recharged! With Power Banks!

January 4, 2016

Smart phones are rapidly growing smart but, unfortunately not smart enough by their battery life. Latest gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players, Bluetooth devices, etc., start running out of battery after some time of usage. Every now and then, they need to be charged at a power outlet which may not be practically feasible. Eventually, a need for a system that supports charging and long life of a…