Best Android Phones for 2016 So Far

In an ocean of endless Google Android handsets, CNET shows you the cream of the crop. If you are looking for the most effective, this list has it. If you would like the phone with the foremost powerful hardware, or one with the newest Google software system, or the telephone set with the largest price, look no further.

Here is the list below:

Huawei P9 ($518 – $550)

Let’s start with Huawei P9 – The Huawei’s latest masterpiece. Huawei P9 potentially has better specs than any other Android phone in the market today.

Thanks to Sam Murray, a UK mobile phone blogger for reminding us to include the Huawei P9 in this article!

Samsung Galaxy S7 ($569.00 – $694.99)

It’s a perfect combination of options and performance. World Health Organization it’s for: humanoid fans World Health Organization need the most effective phone thus far. Prime strengths: awe-inspiring camera, lightning-fast performance and nice battery life — and expandable storage and water-resistance.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ($779.99 – $794.99)

It’s our 1st 5-star phone. World Health Organization it’s for: Anyone willing to pay a premium for style. Prime strengths: Everything the S7 has, and an attractive style, larger screen and greater battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ($554.13 – $799.99)
With its stylus for navigation and writing, the Note 5 is that the final humanoid phone for power users. World Health Organization it’s for: those that love a pretty, large-screen show, and folks World Health Organization price writing or drawing by hand. Prime strengths: Productivity, stylus use keeps the screen smudge-free, giant screen.
Google Nexus 6P ($449.00 – $573.97)

This best-ever Nexus will everything you throw at it okay, for an excellent value. The cost-to-value quantitative relation is thru the roof. World Health Organization it’s for: folks that desire a high-performing device for fewer than the super-premium phones value. Prime strengths: quick, correct fingerprint scanner, loud speakers, reliable camera.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact ($414.00 – $428.00)

It is a terrific deal for a camera that soars and a water resistant body. World Health Organization it’s for: folks that desire a smaller-size humanoid phone. Prime strengths: Camera quality, value.

LG V10 ($599.99 – $699.99)

The large, pretty LG V10 is not low cost, however it will introduce some wonderful manual controls for the phone’s photograph and video capturing. World Health Organization it’s for: This high-end telephone set can charm to anyone craving for a top-of-the-line humanoid device. Prime strengths: Camera software; rough-textured, elegant style.

Alcatel OneTouch Idol three (5.5) ($239.99 – $294.99)

This 5.5-inch device includes an astonishingly low tag for all that the phone will do. World Health Organization it’s for: Budget-seekers, particularly those that like that their phone is not tied to a particular carrier. Prime strengths: Loud speakers, camera, “reversible” software system layout.
Motorola Moto G Late 2015

The perennially likable Moto G offers the most effective customization around. World Health Organization it’s for: Wallet-watchers craving for a midrange phone with innumerable temperament. Prime strengths: Customizable look, comfy build, good price. You can purchase Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge using Paytm offers.